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Resources to inspire future generations 

At the Heritage Center, our vision is “To be at the forefront of Underground Railroad interpretation by encouraging visitors to take action for civil and human rights and creating global change that begins in the Niagara Falls community.” We have curated a collection of resources and videos to help teachers inspire the next generation to make a positive change for the future. 

Please use these resources before and after your visit or to just learn!

We welcome suggestions! Please let us know how we can improve by emailing info@niagarafallsudnergroundrailroad.org.

Educational Resource Guides

We have resources to help plan curriculum and activities.  Take a look at our Suggested Educational Resources for educations from K-12 as well as well as College and Adult level material. These are a great start to help teachers and students learn more about the Underground Railroad!


Learn More about UGRR Terminology

The words we use to talk about a topic influence the way we think and feel about the subject. Language reflects the values of the culture that produces it. As values change, so does language.

It is important for educators to consider who produced the traditional Underground Railroad lexicon of “slave” and “owner” and to determine whether the values reflected in that vocabulary should be reinforced today. Download our terminilogy guide to learn more!

Story Time Videos

 Story Time is a Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center program series produced by the Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters that highlights children’s books that are inspiring, empowering and educational.

The Center for Great Lakes Literacy

Freedom Seekers: The Underground Railroad, Great Lakes, and Science Literacy Activities

The Freedom Seekers curriculum is a collaborative project between several organizations and schools throughout the Great Lakes. It is part of a professional development effort for educators to increase their knowledge of the Great Lakes and environmental issues while incorporating Environmental Justice Education (EJE) approaches to K-12 teaching. These EJE approaches leverage cross-curricular connections that focus on increasing the awareness of local issues and history in the Great Lakes region.

Created in collaboration with the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center.



Subject Areas: Math, Science, Social Science / History, Geography

 Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12 Topics: Biology, Ecology, Human Culture, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Water, Geography, Watersheds, Careers, History, Shipping, Wetlands, Human Impacts, Habitats

 Great Lakes Literacy Principles: 5. Diversity of life and ecosystems, 6. Interconnectedness, 7. Much to be learned, 8. Significance

Suggested Books 

The Heritage Center’s  Gift Shop sells all of the books mentioned in tours and more resources. Check out our shop to get all books for your students to continue learning about freedom seekers!