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Other Ways to help support the Heritage Center

The continued success and longevity of the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center and our programs are dependent on contributions from our visitors. Aside from in person and online donations, as well as becoming a member, there are two other ways in which visitors can support the Heritage center and our mission.

  1. Amazon Smiles

Enrolling in Amazon Smiles. Amazon Smiles allows people to support the museum by donating 0.5% of their everyday eligible purchases to the museum. Amazon makes the donation itself, requiring very little from the visitors, aside from an Amazon account. This method of support can be done in two simple steps.

  1. Click this link https://bit.ly/AmazonSmilesNFUGRR to be taken to our Amazon Smiles enrollment page and click ‘Start Shopping.’
  2. Ensure that every time you shop on Amazon you are shopping through Amazon Smiles.

It is as simple as that! Through this program visitors can passively contribute to the longevity of the Heritage Center.

  1. Facebook Fundraiser

Another way in which visitors can support the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center is through the Facebook Fundraising page. Here you can create a fundraiser in which the proceeds will go to the museum. To create a Facebook fundraiser follow these steps.

  1. Log into Facebook and go to the fundraising tab. On a computer this will be located in the left side of the screen, under the see more tab. To find this tab on the Facebook app you will need to first click on the menu icon and then the fundraising tab.
  2. In the raise money section of the page you will click “Select Nonprofit” and search for “Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Commission Inc.” 
  3. From there you can determine the monetary goal of the fundraiser, the end date for the fundraiser, the name and details of the fundraiser as well as choose a cover photo for the fundraiser. After altering any information, you then can click “create” and Facebook will create the fundraiser for you. The fundraiser is public so anyone on or off Facebook can see it, but only those with a Facebook account can contribute. Due to privacy policies, the Heritage Center cannot see who raised funds through Facebook Fundraisers.

For more information https://www.facebook.com/help/356680401435429 and https://socialimpact.facebook.com/news/2018/8/28/how-to-create-a-nonprofit-fundraiser-from-a-facebook-page/